Della Mae…And In Fact, Generally Do

·Executive Editor

In the deeply personal, insiders-only perspective of the production staff that chronicles the live performances and interviews captured by Yahoo Music, one thing is an absolute certainty when it comes to the exciting musical combo known as Della Mae.

Boy, does everyone like them!

The second encounter we’ve had with the Boston-based band since last year’s release of the Grammy-nominated This World Oft Can Be, our shoot at Austin’s Brazos Hall during last month’s South By Southwest fest was, predictably, an early-morning spectacular.

Since the announcement of their arrival with their 2011 debut album I Built This Heart, the skilled quintet—Kimber Ludiker, Celia Woodsmith, Courtney Hartman, Shelby Means and Jenni Lyn Gardner—have wowed audiences with their distinctly American blend of bluegrass, country, R&B and even rock. Visually striking, upbeat and personable, they’re injecting a new level of energy in a few respected but often very traditional categories, which may be why their sound has resonated so deeply with audiences both in the States and—as you’ll hear in their interview—around the world.

A bright flash of talent on this early March morning in Austin, Della Mae unfailingly will lift your spirits.