Caught A Ghost Let It Go In Austin

·Executive Editor

While the yearly South By Southwest confab in Austin features an overwhelming number of sights, sounds, and immensely colorful music acts, some do indeed stick out.

Very much among them this year was LA band Caught A Ghost.

A talented combo built around singer-songwriter Jesse Nolan, drummer Stephen Edelstein and singer Tessa Thompson—a talented, very recognizable actress (Veronica Mars, Copper, much more) who’s also the daughter of respected musician Marc Anthony Thompson, aka Chocolate Genius—the band grows larger when the occasion calls for it. As they did in Austin, and do in the performance videos below.

Providing a sharp, forward-looking spin to traditional R&B, Caught A Ghost have just released Human Nature this week on the +1 Records label, and there’s every chance in the world you’ve heard at least some of it already. Why? Because, as is fashionable with some of today’s edgiest artists, their music has been heard on a host of TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Boardwalk Empire, The Vampire Diaries, Rake) and commercials (Taco Bell/Victoria’s Secret)—which, like it or not, is how new artists tend to break big these days.

An enjoyable early-morning live session for us—featuring, for the first time in Yahoo Music history, an actual baritone sax—Caught A Ghost are new, exciting and smooth in the very best of ways. WE think you’ll enjoy them greatly.