How Jillian Michaels Would’ve Improved This Season of ‘Biggest Loser’

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"Loser" just isn't the same without Jillian (Andrew Southam/NBC)
"Loser" just isn't the same without Jillian (Andrew Southam/NBC)

Jillian Michaels' training methods and attempts to connect with clients on an emotional level on "The Biggest Loser" were legendary, and Bob alone isn't enough to make up for her absence. However, she left the show before the fall season, leaving a gaping void that two trainers (including Anna Kournikova) could not even begin to fill. Here's how different it would've been if she had stayed:

Age Doesn't Matter
Jillian never would have let most of her older folks get picked off one week after the next. Had she been given the over-50s to train, she'd have worked them to the bone and made them shed hundreds of pounds, unlike Anna.

Cross the Line
The teams wouldn't have been racing a mile across a desert to land on Bob's team; instead, they would have been clamoring to go after her. Much as we admire Dolvett's fine physique, knowing that Jillian can provide major results would have been all the incentive that teams would have needed to pick her.

Bonnie Go Home
Instead of trying to be Bonnie's friend and/or butting heads with her, like Anna mistakenly did, Jillian would have gotten her scream on until Bonnie cracked. There's no way that she would have let Bonnie get away with half an effort during workouts. Bonnie may have collapsed under the pressure, but at least that would have stopped the whining.

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No More Tears
Jillian knew that there was a time and place for crying (usually outside the gym on the steps, Dr. Phil-style) and she would have stolen Jennifer away from Bob and gotten her to dry up those tear ducts in no time. There's no crying in workouts.

Where Are They Now?
One of our favorite traditions has been watching the "Where Are They Now?" specials and seeing Jillian react with utter disappointment at someone who had gained massive amounts of weight back, which would cause her to deliver a massive guilt trip. It was wonderful. Without her, this year's special was just filled with skinny people staring at healthy food. Boring.

Game Set Match
Jillian versus Anna in a tennis match. No holds barred. Our money is on Jillian.

Love Is Dead
Anna waited until Jessica and Ramon's relationship got in the way of their weight-loss goals before she piped up and said anything. Jillian would have quashed that early on like a bug. Not a doubt in our minds. Or she would've found a way to manipulate the romance to her own benefit. As you do.

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John Must Die
John eating 37 donuts for a challenge (which was essentially pointless since it was just about who got to sleep late) would have set Jillian off. And then to see that he was a total game player who tried to sabotage Sunny (repeatedly) and also only focused on losing weight for the finale and not for the long term would have really gotten under her skin. She would've been all over him and he would have left the ranch a broken man.

A Pentatha-What?
The producers tried to generate excitement with a pentathlon, but it barely involved exercising. That kind of blatant misnomer wouldn't have flown with Jillian in the house. She would've devised five days of torture to go along with it. Someone for sure would have been pushing a tractor tire up a hill while pulling a school bus filled with kids.

Marathon Woman
The contestants had to compete in a marathon for a guaranteed spot in the finals, and while most of the trainers joined in for a few hundred yards (with the help of some clearly visible golf carts), they didn't really run that much. We could have used Jillian jumping on Ramon's back and riding him across the finish line.

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