Spike Lee Sundance Rant

Spike Lee doesn't hold back. The Oscar-nominated man behind "Do the Right Thing" and "Malcolm X" went off on Hollywood after Chris Rock asked a question following the Sundance screening for Lee's new film, "Red Hook Summer."

According to Entertainment Weekly, the film was screened for a large audience, some of whom left after the film took a controversial twist. That didn't seem to faze Lee. However, when Chris Rock asked Lee about financing the film, the director went off on a bit of a tirade.

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Rock, who appeared to be joking around, said, "You spent your own money ... What would you have done differently if you'd actually gotten studio money? What else would have happened? Would you have blown up some (bleep)?"

Lee, apparently unamused, responded, "We never went to the studios with this film. I bought a camera and said we're gonna do this mother(bleeping) film ourselves. I didn't need a mother(bleeping) studio telling me something about Red Hook! They know nothing about black people! Nothing!" Lee then added, "And they're gonna give me notes about what a 13-year-old black boy and girl do in Red Hook? (Bleep) no!"

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Lee later apologized for his outburst. "Sorry for that mother(bleeping) tirade," he said. "My wife is looking at me like I'm crazy."

"Red Hook," which stars Clarke Peters of "The Wire" and "Treme," is the story of a young boy from Atlanta who spends the summer in Brooklyn with his grandfather, whom he has never met. Lee makes an appearance as "Mookie," his character from "Do the Right Thing." However, Lee was quite clear when he told audiences that "Red Hook Summer" is not a "mother(bleeping) sequel" to "Do the Right Thing."

Got that, everybody? Not. A. Sequel.