Yahoo! Music Welcomes Spotify!

·Executive Editor

Big changes are afoot at Yahoo! Music, and today you're looking at one of the very biggest.

Music fans around the world have been enthralled by Spotify, the very successful digital music service that offers listeners unprecedented access to works—the songs, the tracks, the albums—from one of the richest music libraries in existence.

Today we're happy to introduce Spotify as a rich component of your own Yahoo! Music experience.

What does that mean? For starters, as a Spotify user you get direct access to nearly every kind of musical experience you can imagine. Curious about that new Fiona Apple album? Wonder what the big deal was about Jimi Hendrix? Like Ice T's movie Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap and want to hear more from Eric B. & Rakim? You're there with Spotify.

And if you're playlist-happy, from Top Summer Songs to British Invasion Hitmakers to The Most Obnoxious Songs Ever, you'll be able to hear intelligently curated playlists of great tracks compiled by experts in the field--from our own Y! Music staff to a host of other specialized sources. On the Spotify service you can make and share your own playlists with friends as well as Yahoo!'s 700 million users around the world. Once you go down that path, they say, it's very difficult to stop.

In short, Spotify offers up the opportunity to level the playing field: You don't have to read a writer's account of a "good" record and simply take it on faith—now you can hear the music for yourself and decide. And if it turns out that you find trusted musical sources, whether friends, outsiders or other Spotify users, you'll have that much more access to great music and very likely have an even better music experience.

As always, Y! Music takes great pride in helping enrich your music experience.  Thanks to Spotify, we think we've reached a new, even higher standard.

Check out some curated playlists from our editorial staff, plus some top songs from across the charts!