Kanye West Postpone His Second ‘Yeezus’ Tour Date?

By Laura Ferreiro

Kanye West's highly anticipated "Yeezus" tour had only just begun when it suddenly came to a grinding halt. After giving an elaborate performance in Seattle on Saturday night that featured a set designed to look like a giant mountain, a controversial cameo by a Jesus look-alike, intricate headpieces, and a small army of dancers, West abruptly postponed his second tour date, scheduled to take place Sunday night at Vancouver's Rogers Arena.

The 11th-hour cancellation came just hours before the gig, with the venue announcing via Twitter that West's concert had been rescheduled.

Some thought that the announcement was a mistake — or that the venue's account had been hacked by hoasters — but Rogers Arena then posted this announcement on its website verifying the information:

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, Rogers Arena has been advised that the October 20th Kanye West show with Kendrick Lamar at Rogers Arena will be postponed. The concert has been rescheduled for October 31st. Fans are asked to retain their tickets from the initially scheduled show, as they will be honoured for the rescheduled date of October 31st."

Understandably, several fans expressed their outrage, complaining that they wasted money traveling to the show or missed work for no reason. A few even mentioned West's legendary narcissism, cheekily suggesting that the multiple Grammy-winning rapper would buy out the entire arena just to watch himself perform:

West's publicist has yet to comment on the reason behind the sudden postponement. But that's not stopping the speculation from kicking into overdrive.

With the "Yeezus" kick-off concert in Seattle beginning two hours late, reportedly due to the setup taking longer than expected, MTV advanced the theory that the complex staging might be the culprit. This idea was backed up by a local named Allison Woods.

"The Kanye West show was not completely loaded out of the Key Arena in Seattle at 7 a.m. when Pink's trucks showed up for the show there [Sunday]. ...There is no physical way the show could have moved to Vancouver, including three hours of drive time plus a border crossing, and been set up in time." Woods said, per the Vancouver Sun. "Even if rumors circulating about a missing truck turn out to be true, there's simply no way the show could have happened. If any blame is to be assigned, it should fall squarely in the laps of Mr. West's production leads, who clearly had no clue as to how long setup and tear-down should take. When a tour is properly teched, these times are worked out prior to the commencement of a tour."

As Woods notes, there have been widespread rumors blowing up on Twitter that one of West's equipment trucks had been stolen. But neither local police nor tour promoters have confirmed anything like that happened.

Whatever the reason, it's not like Kanye to maintain such radio silence. We're sure he'll be back up and running soon with shows still scheduled this week for California (Tuesday in San Jose, Wednesday in Oakland) and Las Vegas (Friday) before a two-night stand in Los Angeles this weekend. As for his Vancouver fans, it looks like they'll have to wait until Halloween to get their Yeezus on.