Robin Thicke Cavorts With Topless Babes; Wife Approves

Robin Thicke sure has one cool wife. When the smooth crooner showed her his latest video for single "Blurred Lines," she gave her seal of approval.

So what, you say? Well, how about this? She gave her OK--even though the clip had her husband cavorting with rappers T.I. and a trio of gorgeous models wearing flesh-colored G-strings and nothing else.

Yes, you read that correctly. Thicke's unrated video, which was declared "the Most NSFW-Video of the Week" by GQ and was actually removed from YouTube on Monday for being too racy, passed muster with his partner, Paula Patton. As he told the Associated Press last week, he showed the clip to her and some friends, with the consensus being that the topless manifesto was "great."

Thicke assured that he would not have released the clip if his wife had objected. "Obviously if she didn't like it, I wouldn't put it out," he said.

The singer says the idea for the video--which remains available in its unedited state on Vevo, as well as a scrubbed-clean version everywhere else--was hatched by director Diane Martel. In addition to, well, the glaringly obvious, "Blurred Lines" also features a few other things that might raise eyebrows. You'll have to watch for yourself to see.

It's not clear what exactly Thicke was going for here; he's been fielding his share of criticism from female fans, who unsurprisingly have not been quite as understanding as Patton about the whole matter. Many have been commenting that the video is "inappropriate," "objectifying," and "embarrassing" on his Facebook account, while a few jokingly asked why the men in the video didn't strip down too, for parity's sake.

However, as Thicke himself puts it: "It's entertainment."

It certainly is someone's idea of entertainment: The unedited clip scored more than a million hits before being pulled from YouTube.

The single is set to appear on Thicke's sixth studio album, due out this summer.