Pink Tops Herself Yet Again With Extraordinary AMAs Performance Of “Try”

For those who thought Pink couldn't possibly top her 2010 Grammy Awards performance of "Glitter In The Air"--where she performed upside down, suspended in mid-air, and nearly naked--the feisty singer did a good job of rivalring that at the 2012 American Music Awards, where she did a spot-on reinactment of her arresting "Try" video.

"Try," for those not familiar, debuted in October and details through elaborate, remarkably emotional--and intensely physical--choreography the struggles of a relationship that's gone awry. The end result proved difficult for many to watch, even some of Pink's own family: "Wow, honey. I'm speechless. And uncomfortable. No one can ever say you play it safe," Pink quoted her own mother as saying.

At the AMAs, Pink and her male counterpart dancer, Colt Prattes, did a remarkable job of re-creating the entire scenario, which the star has noted is her "favorite video ever." The performance--which likely took numerous takes during the making of the video to accomplish--was completed flawlessly on stage. Pink performs a remarkable upside-down balancing act on Prattes's shoulders, as well as completes a round of intensely athletic "fighting sequence" movements, all without barely smudging her rainbow-colored makeup. The dance progresses to a climactic moment where the pair throw each other into furniture while flames flicker in the background...only to rise up and, presumably, try again.

Compare the two to see the amazing symmetry.

The American Music Awards aired live from Los Angeles on ABC November 18.


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