More On Randy Travis’s Arrest: Star Allegedly Visited Store Naked

Randy Travis is not having a good week, to say the least. Following extensive media coverage of the car crash and subsequent DWI arrest he sustained--allegedly with no clothes on--Tuesday night, further sordid and bizarre details of the evening are emerging.

The latest? According to a local news report, the country star not only wrecked his car while naked--he visited a convenience store completely in the buff and demanded some cigarettes.

The Tiger Mart clerk on duty, Scott Robinson, says he didn't recognize Travis as a famous musician. "He walked up and I said, 'What are you doing?'" he explained. "He ordered a couple packs of cigarettes, just like anybody would order a pack of cigarettes--except he was naked."

Robinson asked Travis why he wasn't dressed, then questioned how he planned to pay for the smokes. Travis ended up leaving empty-handed, and the clerk reported the incident to 911. No other customers were in the store at the time.

Shortly after, another caller contacted 911 to report that a man was lying in the road after an apparent car crash. "I want to say he has no shirt on..." the caller reported, when asked to detail the scene.

The store was located about 10 minutes away from the crash scene, which was reported at Farm-to-Market Road 922 at Clover Road near Travis's hometown of Tioga, Texas.

The owner of the Tiger Mart, Mike Ziyadeh, told local news that Travis lives nearby and has visited the store often, fully dressed and without incident. "Come in and get his stuff and leave. Never been a bother," he noted. "Something was not right."

After being picked up by cops and put into the Grayson County jail early Wednesday morning, Travis was hit with a DWI charge, as well as a felony charge of retaliation for threatening to shoot the police officer who transported him. He posted a total bond of $21,500 and was released the same day. No court date has been set yet.

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