Mariah Carey Talks Shoulder Injury, New Single

"The Art of Letting Go" is the name of Mariah Carey's new single, which will debut on Facebook on Nov. 11, but it's likely the singer didn't have those words in mind when she injured her shoulder in July on the set of a music video for the remix of "#Beautiful."

"I fell off something very high and I dislocated my shoulder; fractured my shoulder," Carey revealed in a recent interview with CNN. As a result of the fall, she said she also injured her ribs and she's required extensive physical therapy. "I'm like 90-95% there," she told CNN. "This is something very new to me, and the pain is very new. On every level I can relate to this song."

In a separate interview with Extra, Carey revealed, "There was nerve damage. It was very serious and I downplayed the seriousness of the situation."

As for "The Art of Letting Go," Carey says, "I want my fans to understand this is for them; for them to hear this song and know that it means something. I would only hope people who are not fans will feel something from it, too."

Carey recently went through a management change, dropping Randy Jackson in favor of Jermaine Dupri, and she didn't want to talk to CNN about "American Idol" or Miley Cyrus. After all, it's Mariah's world. We're just living in it.

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