Mariah Carey Employs Her Own Personal Umbrella-Carrier

Hey kids, make sure you get good grades in school, work hard, and one day you just may grow up to be...Mariah Carey's personal umbrella holder!

Yup, that apparently is a real job title--or, at least, a real job anyway--based on this snap of Carey in full diva mode at a Baton Rouge American Idol photo shoot Thursday. The superstar AI judge was flanked by security, including one guy whose sole chore appeared to be blocking the 85-degree afternoon sun from damaging his boss's flawless complexion.

Well, hey, if anything, we're sure this gentleman is well-paid for his work--if probably not challenged too much by it.

Carey reportedly beefed up her security after a blowout catfight with fellow AI judge Nicki Minaj earlier in the week. Her Minajesty allegedly threatened violence against Carey--however, all seemed to have gone peacefully yesterday at the shoot. At any rate, if another fight had emerged between the two alpha-female judges, at least they'd be able to duke it out in a nice shady place.


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