Lady Gaga Debuts Yet Another ‘Meat Garment’

Ready to meet Lady Gaga's meat, yet again? The superstar singer is continuing on a seemingly endless quest to offend vegetarians with yet another version of her infamous "meat dress"--this time, in a showy corset version much more form-fitting than the original. (Er, as form-fitting as a garment made of meat can be, that is.)

Gaga's "meat corset" debuted at a concert in Budapest last month and made a repeat appearance at her show in Amsterdam this week. The corset featured a strapless neckline and, reportedly, a thong-style comfortable that could be, we're not quite certain. Of course, Gaga chose matching "meat booties" to complete the look.

Although certainly revealing, this outfit isn't the most risque in Gaga's meat locker. She wore a bikini made of the stuff for the September 2010 cover of Vogue Japan. The original "meat dress" was worn for the 2010 Video Music Awards, and is now part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's exhibit "Women Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power," currently touring in Washington D.C.


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