Keep Holding On: Cory Monteith’s 10 Best ‘Glee’ Performances

On Saturday, July 13, actor Cory Monteith — aka Finn Hudson on "Glee" — was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was only 31.

Cory, who had publicly battled substance abuse problems and had spent time in rehab earlier this year, leaves behind thousands of devastated fans and colleagues — most notably his girlfriend, Lea Michele, who played his onscreen love interest, Rachel Berry, on "Glee."

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But he also leaves behind a legacy of wonderful TV performances from his four "Glee" seasons, and that is how Yahoo! Music chooses to remember him. Here are our picks for Cory Monteith's top 10 "Glee" songs:

10. "Can't Fight This Feeling" (Season 1)
This was the song that landed Finn a spot in New Directions and started it all. After Mr. Schue overheard the secretly talented football hero belting out an REO Speedwagon power ballad in the shower, he couldn't fight the feeling, and he literally blackmailed Finn in order to recruit him to be the McKinley glee club's new star. As you can see (and hear), Mr. Schue's ploy was totally justified.

9. "Jessie's Girl" (Season 1)
One of the many "Glee" songs that chronicled the "Finchel" (Finn + Rachel) relationship, in this feisty performance a jealous Finn tried to woo Rachel back from Vocal Adrenaline male lead Jesse St. James, her then-squeeze. Rachel ended up back with Finn, naturally.

8. "Just the Way You Are" (Season 2)
Finn gave this sweet performance as a way of apologizing to his new stepbrother, openly gay Kurt Hummel, for not defending him from a fellow football player's bullying. Kurt forgave Finn, of course.

7. "Man in the Mirror" (Season 3)
Cory sure cleaned up nice. The titular man in the mirror looked elegant and dapper in a white tuxedo, as he and his fellow male New Directions belted out this Michael Jackson anthem.

6. "Hello, I Love You" (Season 1)
Cory tapped into his inner rock star with this unexpectedly swagger-filled cover of the Doors' psych-rock classic, establishing himself even more solidly as "Glee's" ultimate heartthrob with a (slight) edge.

5. "We've Got Tonight" (Season 4)
This duet between estranged couple Rachel and Finn (reunited on their old campus after Rachel's move to New York and a brief breakup) is a little hard to watch, knowing now that this would end up being Cory's last season on the show. Bob Seger's romantic ode to seizing and enjoying the moment takes on poignant new meaning now.

4. "The Scientist" (Season 4)
Try not to sob your face off (again) while watching Finn say goodbye to Rachel with this heartbreaking Coldplay ballad, sadly warbling, "Take me back to the start." It's such a shame for us to part, indeed.

3. "Losing My Religion" (Season 2)
"Grilled Cheesus" was one of the most controversial episodes in "Glee" history. Finn's cover of this R.E.M. classic, as he questioned his religion after Kurt's dad suffered a heart attack, anchored the episode. It still stands one of Cory's most powerful performances ever.

2. "Faithfully" (Season 1)
New Directions triumphantly took home the trophy on "Glee's" first finale, thanks to the power of Finchel, who took on this romantic Journey duet as a last-minute strategy and saved the day. Yet another sweet Cory/Lea moment that hurts to watch now.

1. "Don't Stop Believin'" (Season 1)
After four seasons, the Gleeks' Journey cover from the 2009 pilot episode remains the series' defining moment. And Cory was the star of song. This was also the first time we got to truly witness the onstage chemistry between Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry, as "Finchel" was born.

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