Here Comes the Bride…and Bon Jovi! Rocker Walks Superfan Down the Aisle in Vegas

Sorry, girls. If you didn't get the news, like, two decades ago: Jon Bon Jovi is already married.

However, a Bon Jovi superfan still managed to make the rock star part of her wedding dreams — by recruiting JBJ to walk her down the aisle at her Las Vegas nuptials!

Australian bride Branka Delic, who married fiancé Gonzalo Cladera Saturday, was so bound and determined to have her favorite musician at her wedding that she came up with an ingenious solution: she started an online petition to encourage Bon Jovi to give her away.

"All her life, Branka thought she would marry Bon Jovi himself," her campaign states. "Sadly, at the age of 34 she realised this would never happen, and she accepted Gonzo’s proposal instead."

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Lest you had any doubt — cough, cough — that Delic is not a true fan, here's even more evidence of her devotion: the couple deliberately chose Vegas's Graceland Wedding Chapel for their ceremony, which is the exact same place Bon Jovi married his wife, Dorothea, back in 1989.

You could say she was livin' on a prayer ... which wound up being answered. Bon Jovi caught wind of the stunt and, since he happened to be playing in town at the MGM Grand that night, graciously accepted her offer. Good thing he did, because, as the bride warned in her petition, "there’s a real chance Branka will skip out on the wedding and go to the concert instead."

Bon Jovi, Branka Delic, and Gonzalo Cladera
Bon Jovi, Branka Delic, and Gonzalo Cladera

Conveniently enough, there was room for a father figure in the ceremony. Delic explained that her family does not accept her and Cladera's relationship. However, "just like Tommy and Gina" — the hard-worn, hanging-on lovers in "Livin' on a Prayer" — the couple's relationship has lasted through good times and bad.

The groom is far more understanding and, according to Delic, totally accepts his wife's obsession with the rocker. "He's given me a leave pass if I meet him," she told a local outlet before the wedding. "I'm allowed one kiss."

There's no word on whether JBJ kissed the bride, but he did tweet a sweet message on Saturday:

Sounds like they're halfway there already!