Hordes Of Fans Unlock–And Create–Demi Lovato’s New Lyric Video For ‘Heart Attack’

Fans of Demi Lovato were called upon recently with a unique mission: It would be up to them, and them only, to unlock her new lyric video for hit single "Heart Attack." Should they fail? The video will remain under lock and key!

Now, that was enough to give Lovato's hordes a heart attack, so they rose to the challenge and followed instructions--which consisted of tweeting out the lyrics at various intervals. When certain numbers of tweets were reached, the video was launched for them to enjoy.

It seems there were plenty of music fans out there who were itching to see the video, as #unlockheartattack actually became the top worldwide Twitter trend for several hours!

But that's not all. When the video was finally made viewable, Lovato made sure to thank her fans in an appropriate way. The clip consists of clusters and swarms of Lovato-specific global Twitter trends, which--of course--her fans made popular.

The coolest thing to consider overall: In a way, everyone who loves Lovato had a hand in making this video. Which is the best thing that can happen between an artist and her dedicated fanbase. See for yourselves!