Heroin and Cocaine May Have Led to Kris Kross Rapper’s Death, Per Police Report

The latest news on Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly's death isn't pretty – it's being investigated as an apparent drug overdose.

Yahoo! Music has obtained the police report from the Fulton County Police Department officer who arrived on the scene of the 34-year-old's home south of Atlanta on Wednesday after his mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, called 911 asking for medical assistance.

When paramedics arrived, Kelly was sprawled on his living room couch "unresponsive." He "had no life signs," the report described.

Officer Roger Wayne Burkhart then explained that he spoke to Kelly's mother "who stated that the night before, the victim was out and had taken a mixture of heroin and cocaine. She stated that they had brought Kelly home to recover from his drug use and had done this several times in the past."

According to Pratte, the musician "felt nauseous" in the morning, and passed out around 3 p.m. He was pronounced dead at Atlanta Medical Center South around 4:30 p.m.

Kelly's uncle, Lamar Williams, and Pratte confirmed Kelly's "extensive history of drug abuse."

Oddly enough, Pratte described herself to the cop as a "friend" of Kelly's, rather than his mother.

An autopsy is currently taking place.