Game Of Vogues: Grimes’ “Genesis” Video

Albino boa constrictor? Check. Armory of medieval weapons? Check. Roving gang of rave royale miscreants? Check and check. Ethereal pop ingenue Grimes dropped her latest video for her hypnotic track "Genesis" today to the fanfare of of many, and the utter confusion of others. The lispy artist has been exponentially gaining traction this summer, selling out shows in minutes, drawing shoving crowds wherever she goes, and is on the tips of every Best of 2012 writer's tongue at the moment.

With the wide-eyed wonderment of a self-aware android, Grimes ( née Claire Boucher) scours the Southern California landscape, from voguing in the desert sand, to wielding sabers above the ocean, holding court in the forest and, of course, limosine-ing through the city. Many of the commenters on her latest video effort seem to be occupied with the randomness of it, but the video speaks in a purely visual language--namely, the fashion. An appropriate match to how Grimes' own mostly incoherent lyrics play as another instrument instead of a driving force.

Take note: Every look, outfit, and hairstyle you see in this video is happening real-time in Los Angeles and New York. Trust.

But the real star appears to be the stack-sneakered, long-braided, post-apocalyptic chola that is LA-based rapper Brooke Candy. The hyperreal Mad Maxxxine has been making gamma waves as of late with her outrageous, untouchable style and Lil' Kim-on-ecstacy sound. Perhaps Candy can join Grimes' all-girl group L$D, that includes rap enfant terrible Kreayshawn, or even play a seriously intimidating enforcer. Because really, who could possibly mess with this chick?

Watch Grimes' newest video "Genesis":

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