Even Madonna Is Going ‘Gangnam Style’!

PSY's wildly popular viral hit "Gangnam Style" is about Korea's glitziest district, so it only makes sense that the world's most famous "Material Girl" would approve--right?

Right! Madonna proved she is indeed a fan, by bringing the South Korean rapper up on stage with her Tuesday night in New York City.

The pair performed--of course--PSY's smash, with Madonna enthusiastically rocking the "horse dance" and enlisting her entire cast of backup dancers to gallop along in the background. While the crowd of nearly 20,000 screamed in approval, PSY and Madonna took turns aping his famous video by crawling through each other's spread legs.

But wait, there's more. The two also took on Madonna's "Music"--with Madonna flipping up her skirt to show off a pair of red bloomers to match PSY's bright red suit. Heyyyyy, sexy lady!

Madonna, who admitted she's a huge fan of PSY, noted that her guest star had flown all the way out from Frankfurt, Germany that morning to join her for her second night headlining Madison Square Garden. PSY himself admitted that performing with Madonna tops a list of experiences he's had to date.

In addition to delighting the audience with her surprise guest, Madonna also put her time on stage to philanthropic use, asking fans to throw money on stage during her rendition of "Like A Virgin" for Superstorm Sandy relief efforts.


PSY's original "Gangnam Style" video

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