Ed Sheeran on Hollywood Dating Rumors: I’m Surprised People Care

Over the past six months, Ed Sheeran has been flooding the news with rumors of romances with some of Hollywood's hottest young celebs including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.

"I am really surprised that people give a s--t, to be honest," he told Yahoo! Music while promoting the guitar he designed with C.F. Martin & Co. "It's weird. The world cares so much about who people are f--king. A lot of the time, it's not true. I read stories about myself and I am kind of like, 'Really? People believe that?'"

The 22-year old English singer-songwriter, best known for hits like "The A-Team" and "Lego House" off his album "+," is in the middle of opening for Taylor Swift on her "Red" tour that fills the summer with more than 60 shows in six months. But it's not just the Swift fans who have taken a shine to Sheeran during all those concerts.

"Mums have an excuse to go nuts. The daughters are just chill. They're enjoying their first concert. The mums are kind of reliving their youth a tiny bit," he said.

From the screaming girls to their outrageous moms, Sheeran explained that he has been enjoying the experience so far, especially the "Today" show summer concert on July 12, where he packed the audience with fans decked out in orange to celebrate the color associated with this album.

"The 'Today' show was pretty mental," he admitted. "I have seen a lot of people do those concerts on TV and I think that 10,000 kids turned up today. That's a lot of people to be in one space."

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To add some more firsts to the newbie's list, the performance on the "Today" show was the first time Sheeran got to show off his Signature Edition guitar from his collaboration with C.F. Martin & Co. As if the singer's stunning strumming wasn't enough to covet the instrument already, proceeds from each guitar's sale goes to East Anglia's Children's Hospices in England, a charity near and dear to the artist's heart.

"I get to have a guitar that I customized, that I play live at shows, that goes on sale for my fans and all the proceeds go to charity," he said. "[East Anglia Children's Hospices] is really close to my home and my mum helps out there. I think that it's important to give to good causes, but it is also important to invest back into the community you came from."

The British singer may have successfully wooed American audiences with his talents and humble personality, but what's next? He claims that he won't rule anything out in terms of his next musical move, not even going country.

"Country music is some of the best-written music in the world, so yeah, one day, I would keep my mind open to doing a country record. … Hunter Hayes has some sick music," he said. "There's so much good country music out there."

In addition to a possible country career spurred by his collaboration on "Everything Has Changed" with Swift, Sheeran seems inspired by other types of music. For example, he earned raves for his out-of-the-blue rap on Z100 to the Britney Spears's hit "Baby One More Time" on July 11 and jokingly tosses around the thought of a rap career.

"I am actually going out after this to get my grill fitted. And I'm getting a chain and a hype man," he joked. "Just reassuring people that I am the s--t. [My chain] will be a big thing of dog s--t and like you'll look at it and be like, 'What's that?' And I will be like, 'That's the s--t.'"

Well, maybe let's not go that far.