Who’s That Dude Who Stage-Crashed Adele’s Grammy Win?

If you thought your eyes were playing tricks on you when Adele took the 2013 Grammys stage to accept her best pop solo performance award--rest assured, that really was a random stage crasher you saw horning in on the action.

Okay, so he wasn't as flashy as 1998's "Soy Bomb," who essentially stole Bob Dylan's Grammy performance--or, for that matter, Kanye West, who bodily wrenched a VMA out of Taylor Swift's unwitting hands in 2009. However, the man who calmly stood next to presenters Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull has his own cache: He's a world-famous stage crasher!

Vitalii Sediuk is a Ukranian TV personality who's gained international notoriety for messing with celebs. His most recent prank involved hopping on the red carpet and kissing actor Will Smith at the Moscow premiere of Men In Black 3. (That incident earned him a shove and smack from Smith.)

For the 2013 Grammys, he reportedly entered the ceremony sans tickets or credentials, calmly taking rocker/Voice coach Adam Levine's A-list seat once inside.

Then, when Adele's name was called, he--equally calmly--took the stage and stood next to Lopez, who had the presence of mind to give him a disgruntled look and gesture for him to hit the road. Everyone else, including Pitbull and Adele, seemed oblivious.

Watch the whole blink-and-you-miss-it incident for yourselves.

Sediuk told the Hollywood Reporter this week how exactly he managed to sneak in. "I'm a reporter," he asserted. "It was part of my report." He explained that his channel was not credentialed, so he went in with friends who had tickets. "They didn’t check how many we had, so I was let in."

He then went to the media line and interviewed several celebrities (including Lopez). After that, he "followed one girl in a green dress"--who turned out to be Katy Perry!--"through the gates. They checked my pockets but never asked to see a ticket."

Sediuk added that his idea to stage-crash was a last-minute decision, based pretty much solely on the fact that Adele is his favorite singer. "When I heard her name, I came up with this idea to go up on the stage," he noted.

After Lopez reprimanded him, Sediuk walked offstage, where security awaited. "Then police guys took me to a room and asked a lot of questions about how I got inside," he said. He ended spent the night in jail on charges of trespassing, was released Monday, and will reportedly be seen in court next month.

Despite flagrantly violating security--a potentially dangerous situation--Sediuk insisted to the Hollywood Reporter that he never meant any ill will. "My purpose is to entertain and to show a different emotion of celebrities," he explained. "I’m not a crazy guy. I just think differently."