How Crazy Is Nicki Minaj’s Line for Kmart?

Gather 'round Barbs, Queen Barbie has released the first look at her new line for Kmart and online retailer Shop Your Way and it's kinda cray.

The rapper announced her partnership with the budget megastore earlier this year, describing the line in a press conference as, "rich stuff, quality stuff; my big thing is that it cannot look cheesy or cheap."

Not cheap? We'd have to give the clothing a proper feeling up to determine that. Not cheesy? We can't check that box off with confidence just yet. As teased by the preview video released this week, Minaj's line is pretty much what you'd expect from a fashionista-without-borderstethered by Kmart execs.

The collection appears to emulate the outlandish Minaj's style at a fairly basic level. Although the 30-year-old star has historically hit stages and red carpets in Gaga-threatening costumes, her style in 2013 has been exceptionally toned down. It may have a lot to do with her time as an American Idol judge, given that the show's audience isn't the most style conscious.

From what we can see, the line flaunts bright colors, neons, and bold prints, focusing on leggings, body con dresses, and blazers similar to what the rapper herself has been wearing this year (that gray one has got to go).

Minaj said of the line, "There are some dresses that I'm obsessing over already, just the shapes of them. They tuck you in at the right places and they enhance the right places."

Overall the collection seems a bit hit-and-miss, ranging from stuff you could find at discount street shops to fairly chic Versace-esque chain print dresses and fun metallic bustiers. Guessing by the presence of puffy jackets and fun fur, the line will be released this fall.

The rapper continued, "We're definitely working on the leggings that I love for my body, so that women no matter if they're slim, or they're thick, or whatever, feel comfortable."

"Comfortable equals confidence, that's what I would say," says the woman who has worn some of the most uncomfortable looks ever photographed. Cue eyebrow raise.

While Nicki Minaj's line will be at the very least entertaining, we're pretty curious to see how Maroon 5 lead man and fellow singing judge Adam Levine will fare with his own Kmart collection. Yeah, we already forgot about that too. Prediction: all white t-shirts with giant prints of Adam's face on them with sleeves rolled up James Dean style, of course.

Personally, the standout in Minaj's collection are the over-embellished biker hats à la '90s Linda Evangelista/Helena Christensen. Love 'em girl!

What do you think if Nicki Minaj's collection for Kmart? Leave your comments below!

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