Chris Brown: The Kicks and the Wheels Gotta Match

If you happen to be Chris Brown, simply owning a fleet of super-expensive luxury cars is amateur hour. Brown likes to take things a step further by ultra-customizing his rides, as he just did with his latest vehicle.

The singer "kicked" the personalization up a notch by actually having his new Lamborghini Aventador matched to his sneakers.

Yup, that cool pattern comes directly from Brown's pair of Nike Air Foamposites, which he purchased in a limited-edition white/black/red camo print. Apparently, he took a look at them one day and thought, "Hey! Why not paint my car?"

According to TMZ, the owner of L.A.-area body shop JC Customz said the paint job was all hand-done, took about a month to complete, and cost Brown about $15K. The staff posted a photo of Brown's formerly gray car being taken apart for the customization.

Brown was so excited by the finished job, that he gave the guys at the shop a little artwork in return: He spray-painted one of his trademark monsters on their wall!

As for the sneakers, as one might figure, they're a limited edition also retailing for big bucks. Nike rolled out the shoe late last year; if you like the look, you can grab a pair on eBay for around $350. A new colorway in classic army green/brown camo debuted in June for the original price of $240.

Fans of Brown's excessive spending reports will recall his past car customizations, which include turning yet another Lambo into a replica of a fighter jet. He also recently wrapped one to look like a Hot Wheels toy.

If you want to copy Brown right down to the ride, you best have close to half a mil in your pocket. The Aventador has a list price in the $387K range, which will tip you right over $400K once you add in that rad custom paint job.