Chris Brown and Drake: New Best Friends?

Nearly a year ago, Chris Brown, Drake and their respective posses were engaged in a bottle-throwing melee that reportedly erupted over their shared passion for Breezy's ex, Rihanna. It resulted in a lawsuit and a lot of bad publicity for both artists.

My, how things have changed. On Wednesday Brown posted a video of himself in the studio with Drake. In a post on his Facebook page, which has since been removed, Brown posted some video footage from the studio along with the words, "Hangin with Drake."

The two-minute clip shows Brown in the studio with such collaborators as the Game and Justin Bieber, but it's the mention and appearance of Drake that has everyone talking. The rapper is seen sporting a hoodie and focusing on a laptop, while bobbing his head to the rhythm of a track. At one point, he says, "Yeah, this is a big record, man."

It's yet to be confirmed where the Drake track will surface, but it could be featured on Brown's new album, X, which is due on Nov. 19. The album features numerous collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Kendrick Lamar, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Timbaland, Diplo BAM, and others.

There's no word on how Breezy and Drizzy settled their beef, but perhaps Brown has turned over a new leaf. Early Wednesday morning he was tweeting about God and love.

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