Bieber Speeds in Front of the Wrong Neighbor, Chased Down by Ex-NFL Star

Craig Rosen

Leave it to Bieber. The "Baby" singer was allegedly speeding in his Calabasas, Calif. neighborhood again over the weekend, but this time he ticked off the wrong neighbor.

Former NFL star and current ESPN commentator Keyshawn Johnson saw the Bieb driving recklessly in his Ferrari over the weekend, so he chased him down in his Prius – yes, that's right, the big man cares about the environment.

According to TMZ, Johnson was leaving a party when the Bieb blew by him in his Ferrari. Keyshawn had a child with him in his Prius, so he dropped the youngster off at his home and then went after the singer.

Johnson reportedly parked right up behind Justin's Ferrari and got out of the car to talk to Bieber about his driving style, but this time the Bieb didn't act like a tough guy, as he has in previous confrontations with neighbors over his driving. Instead, he ran inside his house and wouldn't come out, TMZ reports. At least two people called the cops on Bieber, who reportedly "appeared stoned."

Funny thing is that Johnson isn't the only NFL great to take the Bieb to task for his crazy driving. Another NFL great, Hall of Fame running back Eric Dickerson, took to Twitter to tackle his out-of-control driving.

Bieber better watch his back or soon he'll have an entire team of former NFL greats looking to hunt him down.

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