Beyoncé Shares Stunning, Makeup-Less Bikini Pic!

Who doesn't love Beyoncé in a bikini? The 30-year-old stunner shared a photo of herself on vacation (she didn't reveal when the hot shot was snapped). Still, no Photoshop, no lighting design, no professional photographer, no makeup artist--no problem! Just another beauty testament to the naturally gorgeous singer.

[PHOTO: Jay-Z Buys Beyoncé Jewelry for Fourth Wedding Anniversary!]

Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z recently celebrated their four-year wedding anniversary yesterday (for a total of ten years together). To celebrate, she launched an immaculately curated Tumblr page of never-before-seen photos of herself and her family, along with joining Twitter for the first time to announce her new website. She's already racked up over 3.6 million Twitter followers in less than a day and just a single tweet!

Having given birth to her first child Blue Ivy in January, Beyoncé will return to performing live in late May.


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