Beyoncé Fans Furious About Live Performance Debut of “Grown Woman”


By Laura Ferreiro

Beyoncé premiered her highly anticipated new tune "Grown Woman" live for the first time in Paris on Wednesday. You'd think this would be cause for celebration--and it was for the crowd in attendance--but not for fans who caught her previous European tour dates and are feeling left out and betrayed.

The pop star's "Mrs. Carter Show" World Tour has already hit Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, and Holland, but she didn't break out the new tune (which was teased in a recent Pepsi commercial), until she hit the City of Light.

Many of Beyonce's most vocal fans have lashed out at her on Twitter and expressed their dismay at her setlist change and missing out on the new tune. Nina Parker from omg! Insider has been monitoring the story and talking to fans about it online.

Check out some angry fan reactions on Twitter:

"I'm done. No really I'm done ‪@beyonce you ripped my heart and danced grown woman on it. ‪#bye" –MARTA‏@MARTABUMBLEBEE

"Beys showing a bit of favouritism to Paris" –Beth‏@bethanybey4

"If she did perform it that is messed up lol I feel bad for the people at those other shows” –‪@CED_LUVS_BEY

"‪@beyonce i hate you for this! Yeah I said it why in Paris WHYYYY??!!" – MARTA‏@MARTABUMBLEBEE

It's probably not much consolation, but fans can catch a fan-filmed video of Beyonce's "Grown Woman" live performance here.

Beyonce also debuted a second new song in a recent H&M commercial, in which the 31-year-old pop diva dances and frolics in the waves in hot beachwear. What's more, it's for a good cause. The bikini for the H&M for Water collection raises money for the charity WaterAid, which provides clean water and sanitation to the world's poorest communities. So don't get too angry at poor Beyonce.