8 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes Of Music Stars!

It's that time of year again. You're still lamenting the end of summer when suddenly you wake up to realize that Halloween is just days away (or in this case, the weekend before a dismally placed Wednesday Halloween is just days away) and you are without costume—and without time or cash! Lucky for you, we've got you covered in the costume department with some cheap, easy and impactful Halloween getups of music stars past and present. A self-proclaimed DIY expert, I thought I'd pass along some of my crafty, kind of crappy, but penny-pinching tutorials to get you suited up for the debauchery of the Halloween weekend.

There's something here for everyone!

My goal for these costumes were to be cheap as possible, completed under an hour, and avoids Halloween costume stores at all costs to save you the last-minute shopping riots. Most of the materials are things you probably already have around the house, or could easily "borrow" from friends, family members, work offices, dumpsters and what have you cost-free. And to crank that meager investment to 11, I've got some bonus ideas to make your costumes really pop along with getups that are two, even three costumes at one. Who doesn't love a good mid-party outfit change? People who need to sit down to a good season of RuPaul's Drag Race, that's who.

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First up: Topless Rihanna!

1. Rihanna, As Seen On Her "Unapologetic" Album Cover

Rihanna made headlines this month for her scandalous topless album cover for her upcoming album. And for last-minute costumers like you, this is a godsend! Cheap? The cheapest. Easy? Kind of. Impactful? Definitely.

What you need:

- Nude tank top. Or for men, nothing--this would make a fierce drag costume. (Thrift store, $1.00)

- White and black body paint (Party City, $1.50 each)

- Iron-on transfer paper (Staples, $10.00 for pack)

- An iron

- A computer printer

- Dark purple or deep red lipstick (Drug store, $2.50)

NOTE: Any materials that don't have prices are things I already had or borrowed.

How to make:

Step 1: Print out a picture of Rihanna's Egyptian goddess Isis tattoo on a sheet of iron-on transfer paper. Oh look, I've got one for you to print right here, aren't I nice? Make sure you print on the correct side. Carefully read the instructions on the package, you dope. (I actually printed on the wrong side the first time.)

Step 2: Cut out and iron the tattoo onto the front of the nude tank top, according to the paper's instructions. Try on the top first to make sure the tattoo placement is right under the boob area. If you're a guy, you're stuck drawing on the tattoo or you can still make the tank top.

Step 3: Put on your finished shirt when cools.

Step 4: Do your makeup as you see fit, and finish off with a plum or deep burgundy lipstick. Slick back you hair put in a low bun if long. Pin back if short. If you have bangs, keep some of them forward. Add thin necklaces if you like.

Step 5: Now this is crucial: Have a trusty, steady-handed friend paint the words on you and your shirt. You likely won't be able to fit everything, but do the best you can. (I attempted to draw on myself using a mirror and let me tell you, drawing backwards on yourself in cursive sucks.) I also recommend using liquid body paints with a paintbrush instead of grease crayons like I did. The color will come out bolder, and on the shirt a paintbrush won't snag like a grease crayon did for me. If you're painting, make sure the black part that covers one boob dries before painting "Unapologetic" over it.

Step 6: Practice the pose—people will want to take a photo! And somehow don't touch anything until you get to your Halloween destination.

Crank it up: Print out a stack of copies of her album cover. Autograph them as Rihanna and graciously pass them out to fellow party goers. Feel free to randomly yell out, "F**k yo apologies!"

Time to create: 30 min

Cost: $15.00

Next: Classic Gwen Stefani!

2. Gwen Stefani From No Doubt's "Spiderwebs" Music Video

I most fondly remember Gwen Stefani as the pony-tailed, bondage pant-wearing girl stomping and skanking around like the ska band singer she was. Now a mom, fashion mogul and certified pop star, Gwen has had countless looks, but none as signature as this one!

What you need:

- White tank top, cut short (Target, $2.00 for one)

- Iron-on transfer paper (Staples, $10.00 for pack)

- An iron

- A computer printer

- Plaid pants. I happened to have a pair of plaid, but any red, orange, purple, dark green pants would work. You can also try colored Dickies that you can buy at an army supply store. But I'm sure you can find someone to borrow from! (Don't spend more than $25.00)

- Black suspenders for the bondage straps. You also use black ribbon, skinny neckties, an old black t-shirt cut into long strips, etc. Use that noggin! (Forgo if you have to buy)

- Leather punk bracelets (Forgo if you have to buy)

- Black or dark-colored bra

- Lace-up boots like Doc Martens. Regular boots, Converse or Vans work too. For the love of Kingston, no flip flops!

Materials for Makeup Look:

- Red lipstick (Drug store, $2.50)

- Small silver rhinestones (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $2.00)

- Eyelash glue (Drug store, $2.00)

- Black eyeliner (Drug store, $1.00)

How to make:

Step 1: Print out "GWEN" in an Old English font or similar onto your transfer paper according to its instructions. How convenient, I have one you can print out right here.

Step 2: Cut the tank top enough to show your belly. Gwen is the abs queen after all! Feel free to draw a six pack on your stomach with eyeliner.

Step 3: Iron on "GWEN" into the tank top according to instructions. Let it cool.

Step 4: Hair = ponytail + bangs. I have long hair, but no bangs, so I fashioned a faux bang using a retro roll technique. It's not the easiest thing to do and you need hairspray, lots of bobby pins and a curling iron. Forgo the bangs completely and just pull your hair back into a ponytail if you're pressed for time, or try a little front pouf. If you don't have hair long enough for a ponytail, you can make a fake one attaching a bundle of yellow ribbons/paper strips to a plastic headband. You'll have to figure that out yourself.

Step 5: As for makeup, keep your brows thin and arched, do a cat eye with black eyeliner and a red lip. Gwen has a rhinestone in the center of her bottom lashes, so use a tiny dab of eyelash glue to adhere a rhinestone under each eye. She also wears a bindi, but I have no clue where to buy one last minute, so I just glued two rhinestones next to each other vertically between my eyebrows.

Step 6: Put it all on! Layer the tank top over the black bra with the straps showing. Clip the suspenders/ribbons/fabric strips to your belt or belt loops so they hang down. Put on leather bracelets and/or cuffs, add a black leather belt if you choose, put on your boots or sneakers and you're set!

Crank it up: To add a spooky aspect to the costume, staple/tape/clip some fake spider web cotton all over your body. Find a phone handset with curly cord and tie the cord to your belt loop. Now you're literally walking into spider webs—leave a message!

Time to create: 20 min, shorter if you skip the roll bangs

Cost: $19.50.

Next: A Two-fer: Deadmau5 and Skrillex In One!

3. The Two-fer: Deadmau5 and Skrillex In One

This is probably the most difficult one of all the tutorials, but arguably the most impressive. This two-in-one costume is designed to morph from one to the next with ease.

Two-fer #1: Deadmau5

Known for his giant grinning mouse helmet, the headpiece has gone through a number of redesigns, adding lights, screens and multiple colors. His most common one is black, but I chose red because it would stand out more in the night at a party. You can chose whatever color you want.

What you need:

- A round paper lantern. Almost any party supply store will have these in multiple colors. I found mine at a specialty craft store in Los Angeles, but Party City also carries them. But before you buy one, make sure it's much bigger than your head! I chose a 14'' lantern, but would go for 12'' next time since it flattened a bit because it was too big. (Moskatels, $3.00)

- Scrap cardboard. Make sure you use corrugated cardboard for the ears, not poster board or anything flimsy. Otherwise the ears will flop over. Learn from my mistakes! (Use old moving boxes, dumpster dive, etc.)

- Paper for the mouth. Flimsy is fine since it will have to bend a bit around the lantern. (Empty cereal boxes, scrap paper)

- Wire cutters

- Paint that matches your lantern and black paint (Michaels, $2.50)

- T-pins, or straight pins you use for sewing (Office Max, $3.50)

- Black electrician's tape and clear packing tape (Hardware store and Staples, $6.00)

- Styrofoam ball, cut in half (Jo-Ann fabrics, $4.00 for pack of 2)

- Black t-shirt

- Chain wallet or fake it with a thick necklace

- Big, dj-looking headphones

- Whatever dark pants and sneakers you like

How to make:

Step 1: Cut the corrugated cardboard into large ear shapes. Cut the poster board into a big freaky smile. Be sure to measure the pieces next to the unfolded paper lantern to see if they look right.

Step 2: Paint the ears red, or whatever color that matches the lantern. Paint the mouth black (or leave white. Deadmau5's red helmet actually has a white smile, oops). Let them dry.

Step 3: You'll see that in order for the lantern to stay open, there is a metal piece that props it open from the inside. Toss it out, your head is the new metal thing. While open, use the wire cutters to cut open the bottom ring on the lantern and cut a slit up the lantern to make a larger opening. Cut only as much as you need to squeeze your head in. There will be sharp wires poking out now, so cover the tips with tape to both re-enforce the opening and prevent wires from scratching you up.

Step 4: With the ears and mouth dry, you'll tape them on using a clear packing tape. Cut a few notches in the bottom edge of the ears and fold them back to help prop the ears up. Tape the crap out of them so they stand up. If it looks terrible, you can paint over the tape to match. But this is last minute, so who cares?

Step 5: Using the black electrician's tape, make crosses on the Styrofoam ball halves. Tape them with a loop of tape so it's hidden, then reinforce them buy sticking a few t-pins in through the back from inside the lantern.

Step 6: Get x-ray vision, because I don't know how you're supposed to see out of your awesome new helmet. Or you can carefully poke holes in the lantern wherever your eyes line up.

Step 7: Put on your black t-shirt, wallet chain and big headphones. Top it off with your impressive DIY Deadmau5 helmet!

Crank it up: Buy glow stick necklaces and tape them around the edges of your ears. To really get crazy, get a flashing LED light keychain/photon and tape it to the inside of your helmet so it glows. Who needs drugs when there's a party in your face? (Besides prescription epilepsy drugs.)

Time to create: 59 min, including consultation from event designer and fellow DIY connoisseur Mr. Caballero.

Cost: $19.00

Things to keep in your back pocket for your costume change:

- Large, black-framed sunglasses with the lenses popped out (Gas station, drug store etc., $6.00)

- Any kind of long necklace

- Bobby pins

- Piece of paper that matches your skin tone, cut to fit the side of your head. I used makeup foundation to color it. Or if you have short hair, make some crappy fake hair by cutting long fringes from an old black t-shirt. I'm not kidding. This is DIY, people.

- Scotch tape

- Cut-out paper circles for fake plug earrings

Two-fer #2: Skrillex

I'm not gonna lie, while that helmet may look incredibly cool, it is pretty terrible after a minute. Just taking the photos was long enough for me, but I'm pretty claustrophobic. For the average person, he or she will eventually tire of bumping into people, lacking oxygen and drinking through a straw fed through the bottom of the lantern. So toss the helmet, give it to a cute boy/girl, set it on fire, what have you. It was cheap to make, so nothing lost. But you still want to stay in costume, so here's the easy transition to fellow dj, Skrillex!

How to make:

Step 1: Excuse yourself to the car, bathroom, anywhere with a mirror. Lose the helmet.

Step 2: Tape the paper circles to your ear lobes.

Step 3: Part your hair to one side, bobby pin the piece of flesh-colored paper to your head, or bobby pin/tape the fabric fringe to your head on the side.

Step 4: Put on glasses and necklace. Look dismayed.

And you're done! A completely new costume in minutes.

Crank it up: Bring along a cardboard Grammy with the words "WHY?" scrawled across it.

Cost: $6.00 + dignity

Next: A Three-fer: Lionel, Oates and Bruce!

4. The Three-fer: Lionel Richie, John Oates of Hall & Oates and Bruce Springsteen In One

Yes, 'tis true, a three-fer costume! Your friends will surely be in awe, or at least sufficiently confused. With a base costume, a few things in your pockets and minimal changes, you can be the legendary person who dressed as three equally legendary music stars in one Halloween night.

Three-fer #1: Lionel Richie from the "Hello" Video

What you need:

- Curly black wig, cut into a mullet. Okay, so I know I promised no visits to the Halloween store. But this one will get you the biggest bang for your buck. I opted for a "Disco" wig. (Costume shop, $17.00)

- Large gray blazer with the sleeves rolled up (Thrift store, $3.00)

- White t-shirt with the fabric tag cut off (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $5.00)

- Iron-on transfer paper (Staples, $10.00 for pack)

- An iron

- Computer printer

- Fake mustache, whether purchased or drawn on with make-up. NO SHARPIE! (Costume shop, $1.50)

How to make:

Step 1: Print out those mystical words, "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" onto the transfer paper according to its instructions. Well hello, here's an image for you to print right here.

Step 2: Iron on the words according to instructions on the white t-shirt.

Step 3: Put on your wig, shirt, blazer and mustache. Look longingly into the distance.

Crank it up: Make your own creepy clay Lionel Richie head to carry around.

Time to create: Certainly not "All Night Long"

Cost: $36.50

Things to keep in your back pocket for your costume changes:

- Deflated blow-up guitar (Party City, $5.00)

- Black electrician's tape (Hardware store, $1.50)

- White tape (masking, athletic, etc) or blank white sticky labels (Pharmacy/Staples, $2-$6)

- Sharpie (Staples, $1.50)

- Red bandana (Jo-Ann Fabrics, $2.00)

Three-fer #2: John Oates from Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go For That" Video

With your existing Lionel Richie costume, bust out your black electrician's tape, white tape or labels, sharpie and inflatable guitar. You're about to become an Oates looking for his Hall.

How to make:

Step 1: Pull some curls on the wig forward for some good bang action.

Step 2: Line the edges of your blazer lapels with black tape.

Step 3: Inflate guitar.

Step 4: This is key: On your t-shirt, cover the "E" and "O" in "HELLO" with the white tape or stickies. Use the sharpie to write "A" over the "E". Now your shirt brilliantly says, "Hall? Is it me you're looking for?"

Crank it up: Go around the party asking random people, "Are you Hall?" If their answer is no, snap back, "No-ooo can do!" and storm off.

Time to create: "Did It In A Minute"

Additional cost: $8.00-$12.00

Three-fer #3: Bruce Springsteen

Who doesn't love The Boss! It's the perfect costume for that magical twilight hour when things at the party get a little out of hand. Pull out that red bandana because we're dancing in the dark!

How to make:

Step 1: Ditch the mustache and blazer.

Step 2: Turn your t-shirt inside out and backwards. Roll up the sleeves.

Step 3: Tie that bad boy bandana around your forehead. Now you officially rule.

Crank it up: To really get into character, take the advice my photographer gave me: Look constipated... No, more constipated.

Time to create: So fast, you'd swear you were "Born To Run".

Additional cost: $2.00

But wait, if there's another Halloween party around the corner, you can still use some materials for one last bonus costume…

Can you guess who it is?

Three-fer Bonus: PSY of "Gangnam Style"!

By far the biggest Youtube star this year, if not ever, South Korean artist PSY put K-Pop on the map in America and started the next biggest dance craze. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't know who PSY is!

I couldn't officially include this costume in with the Three-fer since you couldn't fit an additional shirt in your pocket. But keeping the John Oates blazer with the black tape on, you can re-purpose it seamlessly to an awesome PSY costume!

What you need:

- John Oates blazer, keep the black tape on

- More black tape

- White, collared, button-up shirt

- Bow tie, either a real one or a black paper one taped on

- Round sunglasses

How to make:

Step 1: Finish off the blazer by taping the edges of the pocket flaps

Step 2: Put on shirt, blazer, glasses and bow tie.

Step 3: Part hair and slick back. Put you hair in a low bun or pinned back if it's long.

Crank it up: Download "Gangnam Style" to your phone. Play randomly and break out the dance. You better love dancing and acting a fool, because you can't possibly dress like PSY out in public and not do the dance! People will get pissed!

Time to create: 2 minutes tops

Additional cost: $0!

So there you have it, 8 simple, cheap and impactful DIY costumes you can easily create the afternoon before a party. They ain't beautiful or 100% accurate, but they'll do you just fine. If you still can't manage any of these… I'm sorry, you're totally screwed.

Dressing up like your fave music star this year? Tweet a photo of your costume to us or tag us on Instagram using @YahooMusic and we'll retweet/repost our favorites!

Have a spooky and safe Halloween y'all!

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