Patrick Watson drops adventurous new album

Patrick Watson's new album could be the soundtrack to your next adventure.

The Montreal band, named after pianist and front man Patrick Watson, released their fourth album, "Adventures In Your Own Backyard," today and say that they focused on creating an emotional connection rather than producing commercially successful tracks.

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"We're in the service of the song," drummer Robbie Kuster said in an interview. "The rule that we have is, we want to make goose bumps. We want people to be touched by these songs."

"Adventures" is filled with unexpected and exciting moments that go from sending chills up your spine in songs like the album's opening track, "Lighthouse," to soothing melodies that make your heart melt present in tunes like, "Swimming Pools."

The band, which consists of members Watson, Kuster, bassist Mishka Stein and guitarist Simon Angell, launched themselves in 2006 as a cohesive unit under the Patrick Watson moniker years after they had been playing together.

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"How it started was that originally, some years ago, we were asked to do some music to accompany a book of photography," Watson said. "Having built a CD to go with all these images we thought it would be fun to do it live and it worked really well and people freaked. We didn't really think we were going to be a band at that point but over a period of five or six years we got to a point where it became very difficult to change the name. It was difficult to find a name that suited us especially as we had such an eclectic music style."

Their style certainly is "eclectic" and has been known to incorporate every day objects into their music. For instance, on the track "Beijing" from their 2009 album, "Wooden Arms," Watson brought a bicycle into the studio and recorded its sounds adding to the eccentricity of the music.

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As part of "Adventures'" promotion, the band will be releasing a series of videos featuring interesting backyards they've discovered on their journey, including, "one with a hot dog stand in Hawaii and an actress's home in Reykjavik."

Check out the band performing the track "Adventures In Your Own Backyard" featured below and preview the entire album today by heading here.

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