Juno Awards: Best and worst hosts

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Grace Stanisci
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Hosting the Juno Awards can be a daunting task. You have to be able to react quickly to spontaneous moments and travel seamlessly between introducing artists and keeping the audience engaged.

This weekend, William Shatner will take the reins during the 41st annual awards show and will hopefully lead it into "The Final Frontier." Until then, lets take a look back at some of the Junos' best and worst hosts.

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Best: Russell Peters

One of our favourite Juno hosts was comedian Russell Peters in 2008 and 2009. As soon as his name was announced as master of ceremonies, everyone knew that they were in for a good time.

His dancing introduction during the 2009 festivities was fun to watch and a throwback to his famous comedic routine. He also enlisted the help of Canadian crooner, Michael Bublé, to participate in a comedic sketch that left the audience in stitches. However, the ability to deliver a joke is an important skill to hone when hosting an awards show and not everyone has the gift of precise comedic timing.

Worst: Shania Twain

Shania Twain is one of Canada's most beloved artists. However, her stint as Juno host in 2003 lacked the necessary panache needed to engage the audience without having to rely on her gimmick of wearing an array of hockey-themed dresses throughout the show.

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Since the Junos took place in Ottawa that year, audience members cheered when Twain came on stage wearing an Ottawa Senators gown, but heckled her when she wore a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. At times she was adorably awkward, but seemed to create unnecessary tension with her hockey-themed antics.

Worst: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson used the Juno Awards as a platform to preach her activism agenda and ended up also alienating her audience. In 2006, the actress/activist was booed numerous times during the broadcast for comments like, "I don't mind a little blood on the ice when it's a hockey rink, but I hate seeing blood on the ice when it's from baby seals," and "One of my favourite artists couldn't be here tonight, Seal. He was afraid he might get clubbed to death."

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Best: Drake

Overall, the best Juno host has to be Drake during last year's 40th Juno Awards celebration in Toronto. He was classy and cool with just the right amount of swagger and made the award show the most watched event in Juno history. And, who could forget his hilarious "Old Money" comedy skit?

Check out William Shatner this weekend as he tries to top Drake's swagger during the 41st annual Juno Awards and stick with Yahoo! Canada Music for all your Juno news!

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