Juno Awards 2012: Why Drake, Justin Bieber and Michael Bublé won’t be at the show

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Have you ever watched an awards show and been instantly disappointed when your favourite artist won and didn't show up to accept their prize? Well, if you are a fan of Drake, Justin Bieber or Michael Bublé, start preparing for your disappointment now before the Juno Awards air on April 1.

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In the case of all three artists, bad timing is to blame and according to Melanie Berry, president of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, "All three have been amazing to us. They've supported the Junos a lot, so that's fantastic."

On April 1, Drake will be performing in Manchester, Bublé has a concert date in Brazil and it is assumed that it will be difficult for Bieber to make it to Ottawa after the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, which are being held the night before in Los Angeles.

However, it's not only a case of bad timing that can keep musicians from wanting to attend the Canadian music event. Sometimes it's the awards themselves that can leave a bad taste in the artist's mouth.

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Ginette Reno, a beloved French-Canadian singer, has been nominated for the Fan Choice Award this year against top selling English artists like Bieber and Bublé. Her camp thinks that it is unfair to feature a francophone artist in a category filled with famous English musicians.

Pierre Raiche, a spokesman for Reno, told The Canadian Press, "We have absolutely no chance of winning and that's why it's a bit of a joke. She wasn't really happy (about the nomination) because she truly feels she's in the wrong category ... and it's simply not fair."

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Vancouver musician, Matthew Good, has felt the same way about the Juno Awards and has always boycotted the ceremony. "It's pointless," Good said in an interview. "I've never gone, so I've never gone up and received any of my awards."

Good's album, "Lights of Endangered Species," is nominated for Rock Album of the Year and it is unlikely that he will attend given his dislike for the awards show and the Canadian music industry in general.

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"When it actually promotes Canadian music at root levels, and it isn't kind of this weekend when the Canadian music industry pretends that it's this independent industry and not just marketing warehouses for the United States, then sure, I'll be a part of it," the musician said. "But until then I really have no desire to be a part of it at all."

The Juno Awards will air live on April 1 and stick with Yahoo! Canada Music for all your Juno updates.

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