21 things we love about Hanson on their 21st anniversary

Can you believe it's been 21 years since Hanson became a band? To celebrate this milestone, brothers Zac, Taylor and Isaac Hanson will release a new beer called Mmmhops and will be donating proceeds from their venture to tornado victims in their native state, Oklahoma.

“The tragedy hits close to home, especially since this community was among the first places our band performed together, including schools which were lost in the storm,” Taylor said in a statement. “We are hopeful that the proceeds we can galvanize will play a lasting role in the recovery efforts."

He added: "We have loved bringing people together around music for the last 21 years, and 'Mmmbop' which inspired the beer's name is a song about holding onto the friends and moments that count. We want to use this opportunity to make the release of Mmmhops one of those moments."

In tribute to the band that we have loved for 21 years, here are 21 things we love about Hanson.

1. Their new single “Get The Girl Back.”
Hanson’s back! This charming video stars Kat Dennings, Drake Bell and Nikki Reed with her “American Idol” Season 10 contestant husband Paul McDonald.

2. They take care of their own.
The Mustang Brewing Company manufactures Hanson’s Mmmhops beer in their home state of Oklahoma.

3. The song “Penny and Me.”
We think that every girl wanted to be Penny when this song debuted in 2004.

4. They stand up for themselves.
In 2006, the Hanson brothers made a film about their difficulties leaving Island Def Jam Music Group and making the album “Underneath.” Check out the trailer here.

5. The song “Go.”
It was so nice to hear Zac Hanson take on the role of primary vocalist for this 2007 “The Walk” album track.

6. They appeared in Katy Perry’s music video for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).”
Too cool!

7. The song “Give A Little.”
Doesn’t this tune just make you want to get up and dance it out?

8. They started their own charity initiative called Take The Walk.
Last year, Hanson talked to Yahoo! Canada Music about their charitable efforts to help those suffering from extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS.

"The whole idea is to create an action that spawns more action," Taylor said. "The interesting thing about the campaign is that we actually give a dollar for every person that volunteers to do a walk. So, that dollar is our own commitment to the cause and then we encourage other people to donate as well and it's all specifically going to tangible things."

9. The song “Thinkin’ Bout Something.”
Warning! Watching this music video might give you a craving to watch the 1980 film “The Blues Brothers.”

10. They seem like fun dads.
The brothers take their children on the road with them and People got the chance to follow their journey. Check out what life is like on tour with Hanson here.

11. The song “This Time Around.”
Admit it, you freaked out a little bit when you saw Taylor’s new haircut in this music video in 2000.

12. They share advice with the stars of today.
“I think that [Justin Bieber] is on a really good trajectory,” Isaac told Fuse in 2012. “He seems to have a really good voice, I think it’s ultimately about picking the right songs.”

13. The song “Where’s The Love.”
Remember how rock and roll Isaac got during the bridge of this tune? Epic.

14. They can do a mean cover of Bill Withers’ 1971 classic “Ain’t No Sunshine.”

15. The song "Weird."
The best-looking buskers in town.

16. They are from Tulsa, OK.
You know, the place where Chandler Bing had to relocate to on “Friends” after he fell asleep during a business meeting.

17. The song “If Only.”
If you’ve ever had a crush, then these lyrics really hit home with you: “If only I had the guts to feel this way / If only you'd look at me and want to stay / If only I could take you in my arms and say, ‘I won't go ‘cause I need you.’"

18. They love their fans.
“The greatest gift my fans have ever given me is their lifelong dedication,” Taylor told VH1.

19. The song “I Will Come To You.”
Remember being 11 years old and waiting for this song to come on the "MuchMusic Countdown"?

20. They appeared in an episode of “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”
Hanson was featured singing their song “Hey” during the 2002 episode “A Birthday Witch.” Isaac even had a cameo as Roxie King’s ex-boyfriend.

21. The song “Mmmbop.” C’mon, guys, you knew it would be on here.
Fun fact: “Mmmbop” was Dr. Gregory House’s ringtone on the television series “House M.D.”

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