Spring Into the Neon Trend

When it comes to fashion, trends are here today, gone tomorrow … then somehow here again. The latest recycled look destined for our closets - and already being sported by stars such as Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, and Khloe Kardashian - is neon. Don't worry, this isn't our cue to whip back out those embarrassingly bad neon biker shorts and puffy jackets from the '80s and '90s. (Let's hope those are gone for good!) This time, neons are much more sophisticated, although not necessarily fancy, and can be easily worn anywhere from the red carpet to the city sidewalk.

As celebrity stylist Salvador Camarena explains, the nostalgic style is easy for anyone to incorporate into a wardrobe. Camerena, who's worked with "Whitney's" Whitney Cummings and "Chelsea Lately's" Heather McDonald, among others, recommends adding just a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit, such as a neon handbag, shoes, sunglasses, or other accessory. The more fashion-forward among us might want to try wearing a bold neon garment as part of the colorblocking trend that's also very now, a la style maven Sarah Jessica Parker.

But be careful not to mix too many colors: That's a fashion faux pas waiting to happen! "Please! You are not a Vegas neon sign, so don't end up looking like one," Carmena told omg!. "I would limit your neons to two pieces max. Too many colors might have you looking like Rainbow Brite - and not in a cute way."

Well said, Salvador, well said.

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