Selena Gomez Sexes It Up for New Adidas NEO Campaign

Just days after Justin Bieber tweeted a photo of the twosome cozied up (sparking rumors that they may have gotten back together), even sexier images of Gomez hit the Internet — from her new Adidas NEO campaign, that is. From the looks of the shoot, one thing is certain: whether she's single or not, this girl is all grow'd up.

In the pics, the 20-year-old "Spring Breakers" star pairs the sporty sneaks with barely-there shorts and knee-high socks, the occasional pair of skintight jeans, smoldering eyes, and tousled hair. In other words, she's pretty much every guy's dream girl. Her poses vary between somewhat playful (blowing bubbles) to downright seductive (perched on a wall with a come-hither stare).

This seems like a good time to release the images, as memories of Selena's fashion week fiasco have seemingly faded into the distance ... for the most part, anyway.

Back in February, while seated in the front row at Adidas' NEO show at New York Fashion Week, the starlet became the target of a sweatshop protest when a woman got up from her seat, walked over and handed Gomez a flyer pleading her to "be an ambassador for children, not sweatshops." What's more, the protestor managed to get nearly all the way around the front row handing out copies to fashion's A-list crowd before being apprehended by security.

Despite the incident, however, Gomez's partnership with NEO appears to be going strong, and, based on these campaign shots, the thing Gomez seems most likely to be the ambassador for is the American male fantasy.

If she is still single (the jury's still out since the Biebs deleted the photo shortly after posting), something tells us she won't be for long.

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