Ginnifer Goodwin: I Will Never Have Long Hair Again

While Michelle Williams’ membership will soon be expiring in Hollywood’s pixie cut club, Ginnifer Goodwin will remain on as president, vowing to never again have long hair.

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Catching up with the “Once Upon a Time” actress in New York, we reference a Throwback Thursday photo she recently posted to Twitter, in which she was sporting big hair, and asked if she’d consider going long again.

“No,” the friendly Nashville, Tennessee, native replies, practically before we even finish asking the question. “And I don’t ever need to – I can wear wigs on screen.”

For her, the perk of the pixie is how easy it is to get ready.

“It’s minutes,” the 34-year-old says of her hairstyling regimen. “I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt. It’s filled with cowlicks and kinks and curls and frizz – and it was taking too much time in the morning. This honestly takes me two minutes.”

While she may be “super lazy” when it comes to hair, she’s not when it comes to fashion. On the red carpet recently, she sported a daring cobalt blue shorts suit when the high temperature in frigid Manhattan was just 32 degrees.

“It was freezing,” she allows. “But you know what – I landed at 6 a.m. from the West Coast and I was so tired that I really felt no pain.”

And about that outfit, which caused a buzz on the fashion blogs. “I wish I knew how to pronounce the name of this designer – Nonoo,” she says before politely asking, “Is that how you would say it?” asking as if somehow we were somehow more in-the-know that the woman who sets flashbulbs popping on the red carpet.

“I’m obsessed with that little short suit. I would like it in my wardrobe,” she continues. “Underneath was a beautiful star blouse, which can also be worn alone with the shorts and the jacket open. We were torn over which way I should wear it. I found it through a stylist and I had to wear it. I also loved that it was Listerine blue.”

The color was appropriate for the event – the kick-off of Listerine’s 21-Day Challenge, which Goodwin has been promoting. It’s an initiative to better oral health care in adults – and ultimately children. For every person who signs up via Facebook, the mouthwash company makes a donation to Oral Health America’s Smiles Across America program benefiting at-risk kids.

“I didn’t know until I made new friends at Listerine that oral disease is the number one chronic illness among children,” Goodwin – who actually swished mouthwash on the red carpet (“My first red carpet swish ever,” she laughs) – says of her decision to lend her name to the cause. “So to me it was a no-brainer ... because there are kids everywhere without toothbrushes, who are missing school, can’t eat, can’t sleep. It’s the number one chronic illness – it takes a lot of kids to make number one!”

Although Goodwin now calls Vancouver home for nine months of the year – it’s where she films her ABC fairytale TV series (she plays Snow White) along with her real-life boyfriend, Josh Dallas (he’s Prince Charming, natch!) – any chance she gets, no matter how brief, she’ll return to her adopted hometown of Los Angeles to spend a night in her own bed. She loves her Hollywood Hills home so much, she recently opened her doors to Elle magazine, which did a photo spread on the cozy antique-filled abode.

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“It’s true, I will totally fly home for just 24 hours to sleep in my own bed – and to go to Disneyland,” says the actress, who had dreams of being a fairy princess long before she played one on TV and frequently visits the “The Happiest Place on Earth” with boyfriend Dallas in tow.

The gorgeous house has been home to several star-studded residents – she purchased it from Busy Philipps in 2007, and Rachel Bilson and Rose McGowan are also previous occupants – some of whom she is friendly with.

“Busy has come over a few times since I moved in,” says Goodwin about the “Cougar Town” star. “And it’s funny because Rose McGowan just joined our cast and I need to show her the pictures [in Elle], so she can see how it’s changed since she lived there. We were already comparing stories – work she’s done on the house, what I’ve done on the house.”

Talk about a small, small world.

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