Celebs Step Out in Short Suits

Kate Winslet, Beyonce, and Amanda Seyfried have all rocked the shorts suit look with stunning results. This is one celebrity fashion trend that manages to be sexy, sophisticated, and playful all at once, as well as an ideal way for ladies with gorgeous gams to show them off! And worn the right way, short suits can be dressed up for places you normally wouldn't consider sporting shorts, such as to the office or out for dinner.

However, designers Liz Lange and Jane Wagman, founders of the shopping website Shopafrolic, advise that unlike neons and floral prints, this spring trend isn't for everyone. "Done right it can be an adorable and sexy look, but done wrong … it can be oh-so wrong," they told omg!. "When it comes to fashion, we typically think that there is a way almost every body type can pull off a trend and most don't require that you be toothpick thin to look great. Sadly, this trend is not one of those." The stylish duo of Lange and Wagman, who also happen to be sisters, revealed that short suits are so tricky that they even steer clear of them, instead opting for shorts without a jacket. "Shorts suits are really all about legs," they continued. "We all have our best body attributes and if long, lean legs are not your thing then perhaps this look is not for you."

If you're still determined to try the short suit trend, the two offered some advice: "You can go with short shorts or a looser, longer scalloped hemmed short — both can work," they noted. "Paired with super high heels or wedges (you always want some additional height!), shorts can make your legs look miles and miles long."

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