Taylor Swift’s love life a punch line at CMA Awards

Taylor Swift's relationships may serve as inspiration for her hit songs, but last night they were a punch line! During the Country Music Association Awards on Thursday, co-hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley had a comedy bit focusing on the "Red" singer's latest breakup — with high schooler Conor Kennedy.

While bantering back and forth about some of the major happenings over the last year, Paisley brought up the 22-year-old's highly-publicized summer romance with Kennedy, 18. "The greatest trade of the year had to be the Kennedy family. They somehow traded Arnold Schwarenegger for Taylor Swift," Paisley said. "I mean, what they got for that…"

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Underwood quickly interrupted and pretended to whisper to Paisley to fill him in on Swift's recent breakup. "What? Why don't I ever hear about these things? I'm the last one to know," he replied, before setting up the big finish by asking, "Are they ever gonna get back together?"

"Never, never, never, never ever," shot back Underwood, which was a playful reference to Swift's new hit single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Whether Swift was given a head's up about the joke is unclear, but producers opted not to pan to her in the audience, so viewers at home didn't get to see how she reacted. However, later in the show she had a chance to make her own statement — through her music. What song did she pick? "Begin Again." After she finished her performance she received a standing ovation.

In addition to being the butt of a joke, Swift — who usually cleans up at all the country music award shows went home empty-handed last night. She was shut out of all three categories she was up for, losing Entertainer of the Year to Blake Shelton and Female Vocalist of the Year to Shelton's wife Miranda Lambert.

We're sure she'll turn her hard luck into a song — and go home double-fisting next year.

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