Katy Perry and John Mayer Find Great ‘Satisfaction’ in One Another

Wild horses couldn't drag Katy Perry and John Mayer away from each other!

After a hot and cold start to their relationship, things between the two singers are now on the fast track. This week, while staying in Manhattan, they've cuddled their way through a Rolling Stones concert and took in a Broadway show — along with Mayer's father.

Yes, they're already well beyond the "meet the parents" phase!

Perry, 28, and 35-year-old Mayer's latest date was a Stones show at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on Thursday. Adorned with VIP passes (natch!), the casually dressed duo was attached at the hip during the show. They were whispering to one another as Mick Jagger and the gang did their thing on stage. And there was smiling. A lot of smiling.

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The night before, Mayer and Perry — who started seeing each other in July — weren't shy about their relationship status when they attended "A Christmas Story: The Musical" on the Great White Way. Accompanied by Mayer's dad, they watched Ralphie nearly shoot his eye out with the Red Ryder B.B. gun. After the show, they made their way backstage to meet the cast. According to Us Weekly, Perry — who shunned her typical whipped cream bra top in place of a grandmotherly tapestry sweater — was openly calling Mayer her "boyfriend" in front of the cast. She even had a pet name for the "Your Body Is A Wonderland" singer: "Baby." When Johnny Rabe and Zac Ballard, who play brothers Ralphie and Randy Parker in the show, requested to have their photo taken with the couple, Perry summoned her man by saying, "Come on, Baby. Let's take a picture."

Pet names! Hanging with the parents! The way things are going, these two could be married by Christmas and having a baby by the first anniversary of their first date. Yes, we're kidding … though stranger things have happened in Hollywood.

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