Kat Von D Removing Jesse James Tattoo

Kat Von D broke up with Jesse James last September, but she's still feeling the pain. On Friday, the tattoo artist began the process of removing the childhood portrait of her ex-fiancé she got inked onto her left side just weeks before their first split in July 2011. Even though Von D insisted at the time she had no regrets and would never erase the tattoo, that seems to have all changed now.

Along with a photo collage of the ink getting hit with a laser — thanks to Los Angeles' Dr. Tattoff — she wrote on Instagram, "AND SO IT BEGINS! First round of tattoo removal well underway!" adding the hashtag #freshstart. Von D, who is now dating electro-house artist DeadMau5 (again, after briefly breaking up in November), also added a photo of herself giving a thumbs up to the camera.

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But Von D isn't completely free from the "West Coast Choppers" star just yet. Removing a tattoo takes anywhere from five to 15 laser sessions, with eight weeks of healing time in between.

James, who recently got engaged to Paul Mitchell heiress Alexis DeJoria, isn't the only ex who the former reality star has honored with a tattoo. Von D, 30, also has the name of her ex-husband, Oliver Peck, etched onto her neck, at least 10 tattoos about ex-boyfriend Alex Orbison (son of the late Roy Orbison), and a "J" on her ankle she got as a teen for her first love, a boy named James.

Let's hope Kat has learned her lesson and doesn't get a tattoo for DeadMau5!

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