Jordin Sparks Says Jason Derulo Is ‘The One’

Lately, Jordin Sparks and her boyfriend Jason Derulo, 23, have been talking about a lot more than their next chart-topping hit: The pop-perfect pair are talking marriage!

"I definitely think he's [the one]," the 22-year-old singer gushed while chatting with omg! Wednesday at an Excedrin event in New York City. "If [Jason] asked me yesterday, I probably would have said yes." But she's quick to note that after dating for a year and half, they aren't in any hurry to walk down the aisle. "We're not in a rush for any of that, but at the same time it is a conversation that we've had, and those end up being super long conversations. I want him to be ready. We both have to be ready for it … But whenever he's ready! In my head — we're already there and I am good with that."

While Sparks is clearly smitten with Derulo, if he wants to pop the question, he'll have a few more people to get past. "He's gotta ask my dad," the Season 6 "American Idol" winner noted. "He's got a lot of guys he has to go through for it: my dad, my brother, my grandfather." Luckily, Sparks' family adores Derulo. "My parents love him and my grandparents love him. That's huge for my grandpa to be OK with it and my dad to be OK with it."

Sparks goes on to says that even though she has recorded love songs, she never really knew what the "L" word meant until now. "I thought I knew before, but Jason has just completely … he totally proved me wrong," she revealed. "He just swept me off of my feet and he treats me so well."

Still, she admits that it hasn't been all roses — especially when she and the "It Girl" crooner headed into the studio together to start working on their next albums. "The first time we got into the studio together I thought it was going to be World War III. We work so differently," she laughed. "I want to go, get it done, and then have the rest of the day to go see a movie, eat, or do whatever. He could be in the studio for hours and hours on end!" Despite their contrasting approaches to making music, they did manage to write and record a "cheeky" song, "Flirt," together for Sparks' upcoming album.

And working so closely with her main squeeze has definitely been a learning experience for Sparks. "He has been songwriting since he was 16 — a lot longer than I have. It takes me a little bit to get it out or be that vulnerable … He's just so inspired. He has had to have written over 200 songs!"

Though she's busy with her music career, Sparks, who starred in her first feature film, "Sparkle," alongside the late Whitney Houston this year, definitely wants to continue acting. "I've gone on a couple auditions and I've gotten some scripts and it has been amazing." Sounds like someone has quite a bit to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. "I am working on my third record, I found love, I worked with one of my idols, and I was in my first movie," she smiled. "The 22nd year of my life has been incredible."

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