Watch Magic Cyclops’ “Unicorns In Space” Music Video

I am sure there are many "American Idol" viewers who heaved a massive collective sigh of relief Wednesday night when air-guitar maestro/novelty act/comic genius Magic Cyclops got unanimously rejected and walked away from his trainwreck audition as the "Incredible Hulk" '70s TV show theme hauntingly played in the background. But those viewers wouldn't know a gut-bustingly funny auditioner if he came running up to them wrapped in Norman Gentle's headband and Renaldo Lapuz's furry white hat. Come on, humorless haters, admit it: Magic Cyclops was the most entertaining thing to happen to "Idol" this season so far.

"And just like that my 15min. are up. Thanks that was one hell of a ride, sorry I was watching Dog The Bounty Hunter on A&E," Sir 'Clops tweeted after the show was over.

But not so fast, Magic! If I have anything to do with it, I'll extend your 15 minutes by at least the three minutes and 41 seconds it'll take for people to watch your truly magical music video, "Unicorns In Space."

So where do I start the petition to have Magic Cyclops perform this at the Season 11 finale? Oh hell, let's just make "Unicorns In Space" this year's winner's coronation song.

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