Is ‘The Voice’ Now ‘The Blake Shelton Show’?

The original "Voice" dream team of coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton spoke to the press on the show's soundstage this week, in preparation for this fall's Season 5. And while the return of Cee Lo and Xtina was cause for celebration, the subjects of Blake's three-season winning streak and post-"Voice" fame could not be ignored.

"He was like, 'Welcome back to my show. It's called The Blake Shelton Show. I've taken over. Did you know I won…wait. Is it one, two…three times?'" joked Christina, remembering her first time back on the "Voice" set this year.

"It's 'Blake Shelton Presents The Voice,'" suggested host Carson Daly.

"Did he show his trophies he got made for him? He spent his own money on his own goddamn trophies. For real. Straight up. That's the truth right there. They were not awarded to him from 'The Voice,'" added Adam.

Blake, who's now an A-list star within and outside the country community, was quick to give "The Voice" credit for elevating his profile to the level of his co-stars. "I think if you Google my name, there's like no information before 2011. Maybe one of those 'reconnect with someone you went to high school with' websites comes up or something," he quipped.

"Nobody's gotten a bigger bounce on the show than [Blake], it's true," said Carson. "Adam's told the story — Adam was like, 'Who is on the show? Mark Burnett? Awesome. Christina's in? Ah, killer. Cee Lo? Awesome. Blake Shelton? Who is he?'"

Laughed Adam: "When we came to that meeting, the first meeting, I saw Carson, and I was like, 'Which one is he?' I was like, 'Which executive is that?' We left the meeting, and the first thing I said to Carson was like, 'That dude's cool, man.'"

The old camaraderie between the four coaches and Carson was apparent as they ribbed each other, and Christina gushed, "It's being reconnected with old family. I mean, I literally — one of the things I was really looking forward to coming back to was just to have fun with these guys and laugh, because just hearing their laughter, sometimes, even if I don't even know what the hell [they're] laughing at, makes me crack up."

Addressing whether the four original coaches would be super-competitive with each other this fall, Adam stressed: "It's not only not about the game itself that we're playing, because the people on the show that wind up being on our teams and the way they compete against each other is much more about them kind of learning from us and the way that we interact with each other, the way that we perform, the things that we hand down and teach them. It's more like kind of a singing camp, almost, because it's like we're people just absorbing and learning things and then applying them onstage….I don't think that winning is the goal, necessarily. It's more just about positively impacting these people's lives."

"It is a lot of fun to win it," three-time champ Blake chimed in.

"Oh yeah, and Blake also doesn't have a soul, so it makes sense that he would enjoy winning as much as he does," Adam snapped back.

Here's looking forward to the four original coaches' friendly rivalry on Season 5 of "The Blake Shelton Show" — er, I mean "The Voice" — which premieres September 23.

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