There's Much to Adore About Adore Delano's 'I Adore U'

The debut single by RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 top three finalist Adore Delano was a filthy, Kelis-style sexxx jam with the (presumably) Jersey Shore-inspired title "DTF" — which was highly enjoyable, of course. But the semi-rapped track didn't exactly highlight the fact that Adore (aka former American Idol contestant Danny Noriega) is one of the few Drag Race alums who can actually sing, not just lip-synch.

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However, Adore's new tune "I Adore U" is a gorgeous, '90s-reminiscent R&B electroballad that's a superb showcase for her actual voice. It's also a much more SFW song (and video), indicating that Adore has the potential to become the first mainstream drag-queen pop star since, well, RuPaul herself.

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"I Adore U" is the second single and video off Adore's just-released debut album, Till Death Do Us Party, which as of this writing is at No. 11 on the iTunes album chart and No. 1 on iTunes' Dance chart. It seems Adore has found the music-business success that eluded Danny — and that's reason to party, indeed.

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