Terry McDermott Gives Amazeballs Performance At Yahoo! Music

"The Voice's" breakout star Terry McDermott may have placed second on Season 3, but he's done quite all right for himself since leaving the show--and it all came together organically for him, in a way that never would have happened if he'd been tied to a record label. Just last week, while on a visit to Los Angeles, he got together with his buddy Todd Burman (formerly of Australian band Juke Kartel); the two wrote the power-ballad "Pictures," put it up on SoundCloud, and the response from Terry's fans (aka the "McHobbits") was so overwhelmingly positive, he rushed it to iTunes. And less than five days after the song was recorded--and less than 24 hours after it became available for download--it hit number one on the iTunes rock chart.

Before heading back to his home and family in New Orleans, Terry stopped by Yahoo! HQ (with Todd) to play the chart-topping "Pictures," along with another new original song that he wrote with Candlebox's Peter Klett, "Over Again." And--to borrow Terry's favorite catchphrase--he sounded totes amazeballs, of course:

Afterwards, Terry sat down with Reality Rocks to talk about his whirlwind recording session, his time on "The Voice," his friendship with mentor Blake Shelton, and what's next for him musically. Enjoy, McHobbits!

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