‘SYTYCD’ Top 20 Revealed: Meet The Season 9 Girls!

This Wednesday, the "So You Think You Can Dance" Season 9 semifinalists were finally revealed on "SYTYCD's" landmark 2ooth episode, in a manner that has quickly become the best tradition of any "SYTYCD" season: the annual "Meet The Top 20" non-competitive special. This is the show on which the contestants simply get to do what they do best, dancing in their specialty styles (as opposed to, say, being forced to do Russian folk or gumboot stepping), and it's the perfect way to get viewers all jazzed, no pun intended, about the season to come. I know I'm excited, after watching the amazing top 10 girls and top 10 guys dance this week.

While I am a little saddened that Megan Branch didn't make this year's cut--and I was disappointed to see a couple girls, like Aubrey Klinger and Mariah Spears, get axed in Vegas last week--I am still thrilled overall with the phenomenally talented top 10 girls this season. They're an incredible bunch, and their totally Emmy-worthy Travis Wall contemporary goddess dance this Wednesday literally had me in tears and shivering from head to toe with "Deeley chills."

Check out my exclusive interviews with this season's just-announced female hopefuls. One of them will definitely win this year, since "SYTYCD" is crowning both a girl and boy champion on the Season 9 finale. Who's your favorite? I already have big girl crushes on Eliana and Amelia, but I know they've got some stiff competition this year. Cue music.

Eliana Girard (contemporary ballet), Amelia Lowe (contemporary), Janelle Issis (bellydance), Witney Carson (ballroom), and Amber Jackson (contemporary):

Lindsay Arnold (ballroom), Alexa Anderson (contemporary), Janaya French (lyrical contemporary), Tiffany Maher (jazz), and Audrey Case (jazz):

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