Siobhan Magnus Paints It Black at Yahoo! Music

Siobhan Magnus was one of the coolest "American Idol" contestants of Season 9--and, really, one of the coolest Idols ever. She loved Hanson, Hole, tattoos, and horror movies. She had a day job blowing glass at some sort of rad Renaissance Faire. She knew all the words to "Fake Blood" by Sifl & Olly. She rocked glittery Kiss moonboots (and even some fake blood!) and covered Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome" on the Idols Live Tour. She was awesome. She still is!

Case in point: Siobhan's post-"Idol" solo album, Moonbaby, released this year, a hippie-goth-glam-folk opus that can really only be described as, well, Magnusian.

Siobhan recently came by Yahoo! Music to play three new songs from her album, and she also sat down with me for a highly enjoyable catching-up interview that covered everything from Beck and the Sex Pistols, to Drop Dead Fred and Space Odyssey, to her Halloween homecoming parade and alien drag queens. Enjoy!

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