Who Said Adam Lambert Isn’t A Diva? Here’s Proof…

Adam Lambert is set to host VH1's "Divas Live" on December 16, and in case you were wondering whether Adam--the first male performer to host a "Divas" special--is truly qualified to gain honorary membership into this elite girls' club, wonder no more. A new series of VH1 promos proves once and for all that Adam is the ultimate diva.

According to the promos, Adam goes through a painstaking, Goldilocks-like ritual when selecting the just-right microphone; coats his throat with what appears to be Curaçao and the rare honey of queen bees before every concert; and shatters the glass of antique chandeliers with the mere power of his voice.

Mariah Carey ain't got nothin' on this guy:

"VH1 Divas Live" will air December 16 at 9pm ET and will benefit VH1's Save The Music Foundation.

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