What Really Happened To Johnny Gray On ‘Duets’?

Last week on the series premiere of ABC's new singing competition "Duets," one of John Legend's contestants, Johnny Gray, delivered an impressive performance of "Ordinary People" that landed him in the second-place spot on the show's leaderboard. But this week, on episode 2 of "Duets," Johnny abruptly vanished from the show, and was replaced at the last minute by a former "American Idol" contestant named Meleana Brown. The show's host, Quddus, quite vaguely explained that Johnny had exited the show "due to unforeseen circumstances," and a contact for ABC equally vaguely told Yahoo! that Johnny "had to leave for personal reasons." But according to Johnny's Twitter, it sure didn't seem like he quit the show voluntarily.

"Don't get it twisted, Johnny Gray didn't 'drop out' y'all know after being #2 in 1 episode, I was coming back to kill!" Johnny tweeted during this Thursday's "Duets" broadcast, adding, "I promise you bro, if I had been on this week, I would have been #1, GUARANTEE! Did they explain why I'm gone?"

Johnny also replied to a couple of confused fans: "I can tell you that I didn't 'drop out' and hopefully soon, I can talk more about it. Y'all will be THE FIRST to know.... it's not right, but I'll have my time to talk about it, God works in mysterious ways....Waiting for ‪#Duets to air on the west coast so I can see for myself ;) Y'all have definitely NOT heard the last of me.....to be continued."

Hmmmm. I wonder what really happened? ABC sure isn't talking, and neither is that Quddus fellow. But watch this space, because I have a feeling we haven't heard the last of Johnny Gray.

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