Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed Rub Their Perfect Marriage in Our Faces with New Music Video

Paul McDonald and Nikki Reed broke a million "American Idol" and "Twilight" fans' hearts back in October when they got married after a whirlwind romance, and since then they've spent most of their time in the spotlight reminding all those jealous fans just how very, very blissfully wedded they are. They've gotten matching hand tattoos, recorded a single together, dueted onstage, and now they've made a music video that is basically an entire chick flick compressed into four goopy minutes and nine even goopier seconds. It's so romantic, it almost makes "Twilight" look like "Dude, Where's My Car?"

So in their new video for "Now That I've Found You," the newlyweds gaze adoringly into each others' starry eyes, frolic in a sunny meadow, and grope each other as if they're still in the privacy of their honeymoon suite. Okay, we get it, guys: You're madly in love! Sheesh.

Actually, this would all be a little sickening...if these two weren't so damn sweet and their song wasn't so damn good. It's hard to hate on such cute people who are clearly feeling the love, and I'm kind of loving this pretty tune. What do you think of Paul and Nikki's new video?

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