Nicki Minaj Dishes On Mariah Carey Feud In ‘My Truth’

Part two of Nicki Minaj's warts-and-all, day-in-the-life reality miniseries "My Truth" aired on E! Sunday night, and it marked the first time that Nicki discussed her on-set argument with fellow "American Idol" judge Mariah Carey and the ensuing fallout. Shockingly, Nicki claimed it was all "just a ploy to get me off the show. But we're going to keep it moving...ain't nobody going to run me off that motherf***ing show!"

If you have already mentally blocked what transpired last month back at the Season 12 "Idol" auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, basically, TMZ posted "leaked" flipcam footage of a nasty catfight between Nicki and Mariah, and then the next day, Mariah told "The View's" Barbara Walters that Nicki had threatened to shoot her with a gun. Nicki's response in this she-said/she-said fracas was to go off on a Twitter rant refuting Mariah's wild story, and even implying that Mariah and Barbara's report was racist.

But this week on "Nicki Minaj: My Truth," Nicki finally spoke out about the whole scandal.

"What people saw was a reaction [to] a lot of passive-aggressive comments," Nicki said of her tantrum shown in the TMZ video. Nicki claimed that Mariah "egged" her on with "nitpicking, nitpicking, nitpicking. I don't do well with that passive-aggressive sh**." Nicki also said she warned Mariah: "If you do that again, I'm going to do this again. I'm not going to allow it no more."

As for Mariah's bombshell "View" interview, "My jaw was dropped open," said Nicki of her reaction to the supposed "fabrication" that Mariah told Barbara. "Never in my life did I say anything regarding a gun." Nicki also revealed--and honestly, she had a good point here--that she was furious that Barbara never asked her for any comment. "Am I not good enough for you to get my side, because I'm a little black girl that raps? Because if I was J.Lo, you would have called J.Lo's camp."

Nicki also claimed that prior to "Idol," she had absolutely no problems with Mariah. (The two collaborated on Mariah's single "Up Out My Face" in 2010.) "Why would I want to have a rift with someone I looked up to my whole life?"

Do you believe Nicki's truth? Can Mariah handle her truth? The third and final episode of "Nicki Minaj: My Truth" airs on E! this coming Sunday.

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