Linda Perry, Sara Gilbert Spoof TV Talent Shows in 'American't Idol'

Linda Perry, whose reality show about the artistic process, Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project, is currently running on VH1, has been very vocal about her disdain for more traditional TV talent competitions like American Idol and The Voice. Recently, when speaking to Yahoo Music's Reality Rocks, she said: "

American Idol is a machine. It's American Marketing. As for The Voice, every time the chair spins, I'm sure they hear 'cha-ching.' Because that's not about music at all, either."

In that same interview, Linda claimed if she were "allowed to take over" American Idol, she "could give them a show that they couldn't believe. It would be massive. It would be huge. It would be bigger than what they are doing now. Because it would be real, and it would be honest. And everybody would stay tuned."

Chances are, Linda won't be getting a job offer from Fox any time soon. But that's not stopping her from making an amazing parody, called American't Idol, to promote her own show.


Starring Linda as a self-absorbed, self-promoting, selfie-snapping pop-star judge named Blue Stone; rock legend Michael Des Barres as snooty token Brit judge Deacon Cockfosters; and Linda's wife, Sara Gilbert, as a branding expert/celebrity chef named Wendy, the faux show has the clueless panel "critiquing" Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin… and none of the artists get through to Hollywood, of course.

"When you're done with this bulls--- and you want to watch a show actually about music, come watch Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project on VH1," Linda says at the end of the skit. And that's sound advice.

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